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Our team set up in 2013. We are special in ac adapter for many years. Our goal is to help customer find high quality, genuine ac adapter with reasonable price.

A good ac adapter is very important for a laptop or monitor. It can offer clean, smooth power for electronic chip, so all parts will work efficiently. A good ac adapter have Automatic protection circuit, when dramatic changes in the external environment, it can automatic to power off or lower out put, which can protect our machines and prevent fires.

Our engineer have many years experience on checking, testing ac adaters. If you don't want a low quality, copy, unsafe ac adapter to destroy machines, please choose genuine ac adapters from our site. offer more than 2000 types ac adapter. Welcome choose replacement or original ac adapter from our site, We list more than 7000 adapter numbers, compatible more than 30000 laptops or monitors. if you can't find the item in our site, please contact us freely, We may help you find it in our warehouse or the market.

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1 - 20 of 54816 items for New Laptop AC Adapter.

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1 - 10 of 54816 items for New Laptop AC Adapter.

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Congratulations! T***U From Canada Ordered HP Genuine PA-1151-03 PA-1151-03HS-R 497288-001 AL192AAR HSTNN-LA09 19.5V 7.89A 150W Power Adapter for HP Touchsmart 320 TouchSmart DeskTop all in one Laptop AC Adapter, Power Supply HP19V7.89A150W-7.4x5.0mm successfully with price CAD$52.77--- Oct 2016

Congratulations! S***y From Canada Ordered LENOVO Original 45N0058 45N0059 AC Adapter for Lenovo W520 W500 W51 Laptop AC Adapter, Power Supply LENOVO20V6.75A135W-7.5x5.5mm successfully with price CAD$50.49--- Oct 2016

Congratulations! M***N From Canada Ordered TPN-CA02 AC Adapter, TPN-CA02 15V 3A Laptop AC Adapter HP15V3A45W successfully with price CAD$46.99--- Oct 2016

Congratulations! d***h From Canada Ordered CWT Genuine CWT CAD060121 PAA060F 12V 5A 60W Adapter For TVs Laptop AC Adapter, Power Supply CWT12V5A60W-5.5x2.1mm successfully with price CAD$40.67--- Oct 2016

Congratulations! I***i From Canada Ordered HP Genuine HP Pavilion dv1000 dv2000 dv6000 dv6700 dv9000 dv9700 Laptop Charger Laptop AC Adapter, Power Supply HP18.5V4.9A90W-BULLETTIP successfully with price CAD$34.95--- Oct 2016

Congratulations! M*** From Canada Ordered ADP-150NB D AC Adapter, ADP-150NB D 19.5V 7.7A Laptop AC Adapter ASUS19.5V7.7A150W-5.5x2.5mm successfully with price CAD$56.21--- Oct 2016

Congratulations! L***e From Canada Ordered DELL Genuine 210W PA-7E Y044M for DELL Precision m6400 m6500 Power Supply D846D Y044M Laptop AC Adapter, Power Supply DELL19.5V10.8A210W-7.4x5.0mm successfully with price CAD$77.40--- Oct 2016

Congratulations! K***y From Canada Ordered ADP-65KH B AC Adapter, ADP-65KH B 20V 3.25A Laptop AC Adapter IBM_LENOVO20V3.25A65W-5.5x2.5mm successfully with price CAD$34.58--- Oct 2016

Congratulations! M***o From Canada Ordered 770375-31L AC Adapter, 770375-31L 12V 2.5A Laptop AC Adapter APD12V2.5A30W-5.5x2.1mm successfully with price CAD$31.18--- Oct 2016

Congratulations! E***b From Canada Ordered 520-1030 520-1032 Laptop AC Adapter, 19V 7.9A ac adapter for 520-1030 520-1032 Laptop HP19V7.9A150W-7.4x5.0mm successfully with price CAD$53.68--- Oct 2016

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